Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-01-25

Our emotional energy must be focused on our goal which we are working to achieve. We must therefore take our minds off the subject of sex and turn our minds to the fore filling of our greatest desire. That may be becoming a black diamond within our company and encouraging that desire and fire to keep on building rather than letting our thoughts turn towards sex.

We need to turn that emotional energy that have for our partners into our business and use it daily within our lives to build to that level. This can be a challenge alone realizing and having the power to turn those thoughts towards our own business as that desire can be so strong. This happens to be what I am working on and have been working on for some time. Its learning to walk away from that distraction and put the energy into that goal that we are working towards.

Personally that goal is achieving Black Diamond within my company along with raising our biological kids our twin daughters and son, our foster kids, adopted kids. It means being able to turn own energy towards its goal of being that leader, father, husband and being willing to say this is where we are going. Even when it means having to have a brutal conversation with someone within Your life; working on getting all that energy towards our businesses. I am needing to use Jenny’s love and belief within myself as well as my own grandmothers belief and love and going from there.

That means stopping letting those who turn around saying anything destructive about what You are doing get to You. Letting their energy go, knowing that it is that persons limiting belief and Not your own as Michael has told us on calls. We must learn to walk always from that destructive energy, that relationship where we are being put down, also the relationships where we are being dragged down. Even when it’s Your own best friend, Your own biological family.

All that emotional energy needs to be turned positive and turned towards creating a better future for those who are going to be within that life. It means turning all that hurt from my own father into love and sharing that love within own life. It also means forgiving him regularly aswell. Its time to stop letting that energy rule own life. It means turning off to those who may come at You about any area owing to their own unhappiness. They may want to push their deal on You, then get annoyed as You are unwilling to join them. Its our jobs to find those who are going to be positive and to stop letting that destructive energy which gets thrown on us run our lives.

At mentoring for free we have that positive energy that we all need to build our teams and our business, we need to find out what is holding us back. That energy which is holding us back is stopping us from living our lives and having a genuinely successful life of freedom.

  • Are You scared of facing our family or their reaction as we have broken their mould? By being an entrepreneur, even saying to them I am going to do fostercare or adoption as well. Too scared to even say I am giving up this room so we can do that.
  • Are You too scared say to our family this is who I am and this is what I am doing? Even though this may be who we are as a person is it holding you back that fear of how that person will act when You talk with them about the subject.  
  • Are You are scared of losing those friends who we may have outgrown, or even their reaction? Even too scared to have brutal conversation with one of them which is well overdue as they are continually letting you down?
  • Are You too scared to leave a role to move onto newer and better areas? To speak up against a colleague who is pushing us around or is making us feel small?
  • Are You too scared about an income that it holds us back?
  • Are You too scared to even have a go at those water rides, those amusement park rides again after years of being injured?
  • Are You too scared to do our self talk in public owing to feeling that would be threatened or assaulted by anyone who is around us that we are constantly out there looking around to see whether we are safe and secure feeling ok to be ourselves rather than that person who someone else wants us to be.

All that energy is being projected into our daily lives, this is what we then draw into our own lives. We need to turn all that energy and make it positive, saying they love and accept who I am it’s their choice how they react. However I am this person, it takes a lot of guts to build up the energy and be that person getting around those right people who we all need within our lives; walking away from those who have dragged us down over the years. Using our own emotional energy and walking away from that area.

It has taken years to overcome a lot the questions above personally, it was a walk that needed to see just what emotional energy lay within own life. Learning to find those strong positive supportive people who would be there supporting that every endeavour and what chose to do with own life as person.

Thank you to the wonderful Michael and Linda Dlouhy and the team here at mentoring for free for helping to be able to work around those blocks which have guided towards that loving wonderful husband was wanting to be, that wonderful father who own future kids are needing.

Your friend for life,
With love and appreciation,
Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia