Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kirsten Tucker Chattanooga, TN, USA

Posted: 2016-01-22

Chapter 11: The mystery of sex transmution, (emotional energy)

The very esscense of the vibration, highly concentrated and focused is what we are after here, this is what the dicussion is truly about.

I think people get stuck on a few thing with this chapter. Understanding that we aren't talking about the physical for one.  For two, that we are speaking of utilizing the emotional energy from love and sexual experiences and redirecting (or channeling) it towards creatively productive endeavors.

What does this mean?

I hold the vision of my lover in my head.  I recal how I love her, how she feels beneath my hands in intimate ways. This thought naturally raises my emotions, I feel good. Very good. A welling of love fills me.  I take this feeling, this state of high emotional vibrancy and I channel the emotion towards thoughts of success, in whatever capacity. I think, not just of my lover, but I think of my desires and all the details surrounding what I wish to obtain.

Or I simply think of my affimations while enjoying the emotional high engendered by thoughts of my lover.

In any case, utilzing the energy in a specific and directional manner is a key component of the process as laid out by Napoleon Hill.  Capitalizing on this energy is vital.



Kirsten Tucker, Chattanooga TN