Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Neville Stokes Wadeville, NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia

Posted: 2016-01-22

This chapter is a game changer on many levels. One that comes to mind right now is the 'Peak State' self prep.
prior to presenting/hosting an important event. My past training had suggested that to gain a peak state within,
one could visualise/emotise & feel these 4 scenarios:

Laughter, Being loved, Determination & Gratitude/Appreciation. After reading this chapter, I am enticed to alter
that list in accordance with Napoleon Hill's 'TEN MIND STIMULI'. My new scenarios to bring myself to a peak
state will be tuning into

1. Sexual/romantic/love experiences. 2. Determination. 3. Inspiringing Musical memories.  4. Friendships (which
includes laughter). 5. Mastermind 'Aha' moments. & 6. Appreciation (being thankfull). 

I could probably write an essay about other leap forwards that I have gained from this chapter, but I will halt here
for now and add more summaries later after I have successfully stimulated my sixth sense.


Nev. Stokes