Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Stephen Porter Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-09-28

I read "Think And Grow Rich" for the first time as a teenager. When I first read and learned that "thoughts are things" I began to believe that if I could think it I could make it happen. Following are some of the more notable thoughts I have had that I turned into reality:

1) Graduating from college

2) Graduating from law school

3) Earning a lifetime teaching certificate in the State Of Missouri

4) Being elected to the City Council of my hometown at the age of 23

5) Being elected as the youngest Mayor in the State Of Missouri at the age of 25

6) Becoming a State Representative candidate at the age of 28

7) Attending college at both the University Of Missouri and the University Of Arizona

8) Becoming a published sports writer while in high school

9) Becoming President of the Student Council at my high school

10) Becoming the first Chairman of a major student committee during my first semester of college at the age of 18

11) Running the mile in 4 minutes and 46 seconds and earning a spot on a college cross country team 

12) Being a part of 2 State Champion Track Teams during my Junior and Senior years in high school

13) Trying over 100 jury trials during my first 7 years as a trial lawyer

14) Being hand-picked to defend my first and only multi-million dollar client whom I have now done legal work for during the last 15 years

15) Learning how to make network marketing work

16) Meeting Michael and Linda Dlouhy and Tom "Big Al" Schreiter in person

17) Working for the daily newspapers at Tucson, Arizona

18) Working for the City Of Tulsa as an Assistant City Attorney

19) Having been a trial lawyer for over 27 years now

20) Positively influencing many lives with network marketing and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

I have been very blessed in my life after learning that "thoughts are things"! I know that if we can think it we can achieve it!

Soon after my daddy passed on in 2006, one of my brothers told me that my daddy was amazed by how I could think of something and then stick with it until I accomplished it! I am proud that my daddy was proud of me! 

When I was age 19 I thought about becoming a full-time network marketer and I will become one or die during the pursuit!