Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Hubba Jubba Moss White Hall, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2016-09-28

WOW!  Little did I know that my update on Referral-Key would lead me to this Think & Grow Rich site.  My life changed way back in 1971 when I read two sensational items; Thing & Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) and Psycho Cybernetics (Maxwell Maltz).  I was able to utilize their changing thoughts to things concept as a technique for accelerating the tennis skills for my beginning tennis students I taught at the University of California San Diego (1971 to 1992).  Over the next five years, my teaching style became even more spectacular, as I added a variety of visualization (i.e mental imagery or pretend practice drills), bio-reflective feedback (mirror drills), audio-tonal rhythms (recorded sounds of skill success) and gelotolgy (the study of laffter) to my course syllabus.  In 1972 I developed a course entitled The Psychology of Sports Officiating, which accelerated the learning of student officiating skills, enabling them to more successfully officiate campus intramural activities and all varsity baseball games played by the campus baseball team for eight seasons.  From the year 1972 to 2000, I estimated my officiating students earned more than $3,000,000, thanks to their student and post college officiating endeavors.  In 1982, I was awarded a UC Regents instructional improvement grant for a course entitled The Accelerated Improvement of Motor Skills.  As a result of this course, hundreds of serious and leisure time sport buffs were able to advance their sport skills faster than they had imagined.  About three decades ago, I had the thought human enthusiasm (which I have always naturally displayed), could be shared with others.  Thus I became a heralded motivation speaker and sports motivation coach for teams and athletes from youth to varsity to professional levels.  In keeping with my dedication for changing thoughts to things skills, I discovered how reasonable it was to assume hearty laffter is, indeed, the greatest gesture of human enthusiasm, which has resulted in the recent publication of my book entitled The Enthusiasm-Laffter Connection.  For more than three decades I have promoted this topic as a motivational speaker to audiences ranging from schools, community groups to professional organizations.  While only about 20% of my thousands of presentations have resulted in remuneration, for some reason, it seems as my innovative things have always been ten years ahead of their time.  However, to fulfill my determination to promote my book to "best seller" status, I am pursuing another Think and Grow Rich principle: To make my fond dream move to its fullest potential, I will pursue a presence with persons at the top of any organization I desire to network with, in order to gain the riches I desire.