Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rita Bingham Spring, Texas, USA

Posted: 2016-09-28


Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 1



Thought are Things.  What are your thoughts?  What thoughts are you letting, Lead and Master you?  Positive or Negative we are following in the direction of the thought.  When you woke up this morning, were your thoughts about how great of a day it would be, how grateful you were for another day to get a chance to get closer to your goals, your dreams, your desires?  Or, were your thoughts of “Man, its Monday already, it’s raining, the traffic will be miserable, hope I’m not late.  You see, whether you think things are great or you think they’re not, you’re actually right.  Whatever thoughts you conceive and believe, you call them in from the universe.  Believe you can’t, It’s true.  Believe you can, well that’s true also.  As long as you have the reigns, why not make this work to your advantage, come out on top, be the winner?  It’s your choice.

Just as Edwin C. Barnes had the thought that he wanted to go into business with Thomas Edison was manifested.  We too, manifest what are our thoughts.  Just Imagine, Blair medically and theoretically has no means of hearing having been born without ears and no connection from where the ears should be and a connection to his brain.  His Father did not want to accept a Son being a Deaf Mute and he would not let his Son accept it either.  He thought hearing for his Son and hearing was manifested.  Miracle or thought, it happened. 

Again I say that a mind is a terrible thing to waste with negativity and self-doubt, and taking things the hard way, especially when with proper training, positivity, self-talk and an overall good attitude, you can manifest just about anything that you want. 

Many of us, have been 3 feet from gold many times.  I know I have been.  Without a doubt those lessons were a hard pill to swallow and may have held us hostage and paralyzed with fear.  However, with just a slight shift, we can recoup all of those losses in moving forward, being positive and just thinking and focusing about what we want, with a burning desire, making a plan sticking with it with a do or die attitude with no means of retreating, going after those dreams and goals. Have you ever thought so strongly about something that it happened?  I have many times and did not truly realize at the time that I had that power.  Now, looking back over my past, I see I did “Have the Juice”.  My thoughts manifested many small things such as winning tickets on a radio show for concerts, other small gifts, manifesting a job, an opportunity and many other things too numerous to mention here.  Little did I know at the time I could have used that power to manifest riches and many other things I desired.  But know that I know, look out world.  I have somethings I am working on now and in a few months I will make my progress, success and praise report.

This Master Mind group, self-talk, being coachable and the new positive outlook that I have adopted has done so much for me.  I am personally grateful for my Mentor, Mr. Bob Shoaf and Mr. Michael Dlouhy.  Downloading the E-Book and following instruction has made a 180-degree difference in my life.   I am much more positive, I am making better decisions and the goals and plans that I have made for myself seem much more attainable.  I dare say that I’m Possible and Unstoppable.