Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ingrid Camacho SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, United States

Posted: 2016-09-27

Thoughts are Things.  We can truly have anything we want in any aspect of our lives.  Maybe we want a new car or a new house or even a new pin level in our network marketing business.  Perhaps we may even want to build better relationships with people.

Most people believe Think and Grow Rich is about how to get money .  When I first read the book I thought the same thing.  I would just read this book and it would tell me how to think and get rich.  Wow! I thought to myself," I am a great thinker so this will be right up my alley."
I read the book and thought and thought but I could not even understand what Hill was talking about.  

Along comes Think and Grow Rich mastermind group and after reading the book a few times more I finally got it !   I know the secret about how to grow rich, and it appears in every chapter.

This is so easy anyone can think and grow rich if they are willing to put the time and effort into doing the work needed to grow rich.
We cannot just sit on the couch eating potato chips  and think we are going to get rich because that is just a wish.

We can get anything we want if we choose to say our self - talk daily because we are the ones who should be programming our minds instead of all those well meaning friends and relatives.

Self - talk  is only the first part we still have to take action everyday.  We must do the daily activities needed to move our business to the next level so we can reach our targeted goals.

This is all very easy to do but it is also easy to sit on the couch and watch Netflix  too.  This is so easy that I have actually caught myself procrastinating on doing the work and saying the self-talk. 

Mastering our thoughts  takes self discipline and self mastery.   We have to schedule the time to put in the work and then there is extra time for watching a movie or going to the mall.  

Those who choose to put in the time and effort will reap the rewards.

Ingrid Camacho