Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2016-09-26

Chapter 1

Thoughts Are Things

As I read this chapter my mind turned to my thoughts over the past many years. In my younger days my thoughts revolved around toy soldiers, model trains and cars. In my mind I thought up various scenarios to incorporate the various items. I in fact created a large train layout in my parent’s garage over a number of years.

At school I had thoughts about possible theatrical scenes which along with other students’ thoughts were Master Minded into the final production scenes. In the craft classes I would see the possibilities of turning a piece of timber turned into a beautiful bowl or perhaps a lamp stand and then do the necessary work to obtain the end result.

All through life I have had thoughts and dreams, where I have written them down or drawn them I have been able to turn them into reality even though on many occasions people have not been able to see what I have nor can they conceive what I can as the finished article.

 Unfortunately there has been a part of my life where I lost the ability to dream, for whatever reason. This changed when I began working for myself and I had to once more dream to find solutions to provide leads for my MLM Business. I was told it was a numbers game only to learn after a number of failed years and reading “Success in Ten Steps”, that it is a relationship business.

I had to regain my ability to dream, to write down those dreams, change them into passionate desires, through faith, action and persistence, a never give up attitude. I thought up new self talks, learnt new methods of advertising through participation in the 9 weekly calls at Mentoring for Free.

I am not there yet but my dreams are growing bigger, myself talk has more emotion attached to it, my attitude it back where it used to be as Hill put it “IF man can conceive it he can achieve it”.

Mervyn Drury

Canberra, ACT, Australia