Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lynn Gunterman Louisville , Kentucky , USA

Posted: 2016-09-26

Chapter 1, Thought’s are Things.

This past week, I took the entire week off from everything to have Personal - 'Me Time!!'  
To relax, clear my mind, stop the the chatter in my mind, to re-evaluate and to meditate. 
Apparently, it has worked very well for me.  You see, when I came to post my lesson plan
but first decided to read everyone's lessons before I posted mine.  I already knew what I
was going to write about but something happened that changed my mind.  

The second post I read was Mr. Bob Shoaf's lesson.  

As I got to the end something happened to awaken me inside.  I was reading the very last
paragraph, you know, he always includes this paragraph in his lessons so I have read it
several times before.  This time as I was reading, I got the cold chills.  Now, I am one for
paying attention when I get cold chills because that means something is happening.  

So I said hmmmm, I better re-read it.  As soon as I read the 1st sentence, there they were
again; the cold chills but stronger than the last time.  So I told myself that I better read it
again!!  Here it is, 

"Then there are the people who have downloaded my e-book that I communicate with regularly."  

The cold chills came all over me again but got stronger when I read "regularly".  So I
closed my eyes, made it silent around me, turned off the chatter in my head and then said
out loud 'Okay, what are you saying to me from this, what lesson are you teaching me' and
then I read the sentence out loud.  

Once again I got cold chills but it was stronger when I said the word regularly.  Then I
sat there in silence, listening and waiting for the answer.  

This is what I heard, 'You are giving up too soon on your e-book downloads after a few
messed calls and messages!'

So I grabbed one of the pens and index cards on the end table beside me and started writing
that one sentence message down.  As I wrote this sentence, more and more started coming to
me and I kept writing until  I was finished receiving everything. This is everything I wrote down:

I'm giving up on them to soon after a few messed calls and left messages!!  I should not give
up on one single person!  Even if it's just to call to see if they were doing okay!  Where would
I be if God ever gave up on me?  

Where would all of us be if Michael and Mrs. Linda Dlouhy had gotten aggravated with MFF
because it wasn't going the way they wanted so they gave up on it and shut it down?  

Where would I be, where would you be??  

I should not ever cross anyone off of my list (Whew, I just got those chills again) of my
downloads!  I need to show them that I Will Not give up on them!  No matter how many
times   I have to call them and leave messages!!  How many times does God knock on your
heart before he gives up on?  Thank God, he doesn't ever stop for me and a lot of people.  

Where would we be if we were given up on?  Where would we be now, if Michael and
Linda let (negative thoughts and feelings) their hurt over betrayal from a close friend that
was highly trusted stick a knife in their backs and turned it over and over again, so that they
gave up on all of us because the hurt of betrayal was too strong and they didn't want to take
any chances or to go through that again!!!  

I (we) have to be careful of our feelings and thoughts and Block-Out the negativity and only
concentrate on the positives and blessings in our lives.  

Yes, Thoughts are Things!  I need to guard my thoughts and feelings and concentrate only
on the positives and not give up too soon!!  By giving up too soon on my downloads, I am
stopping myself 3 feet short from the gold!! No, I am not crossing anyone off or giving up
too soon on my e-book downloads anymore!!  

Picture a ladder going to heaven.  Now, think about if every single mistake we made, God
got mad or got his feelings hurt and he just knocked us off of our ladder to heaven because
he was giving up on us!!  We would never make it to heaven to be with God!!  That is what
we are doing when we give up on our e-book downloads; we are knocking them off of their
ladder to success!!  

By doing that, we are in the same process, knocking ourselves off or slowing down our
climb on that ladder to success as well!!  I am pledging now to never give up on my e-book
downloads no matter what!!  Yes, THOUGHTS ARE THINGS!!  Our thoughts control our
behavior and we need to be in complete control of our entire life.  

The wrong thoughts can put you in a downward spiral, and the right thoughts will help us
to climb our ladder to success and allow us to help others climb their ladder to success
as well. 

God bless each of you,
Lynn Gunterman