Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ray Gauthier Pasadena, ca, U.S.

Posted: 2016-09-26

On reflecting on thoughts are things,I recall a statement near the end of the book.  It states that man was 

given absolute and complete control of only one thing and one thing only his mind.


Many years ago I had a desire to attend beauty college and  I enrolled and started to dream

of owning several salons. I would dream of those salons and see my self walking around

in them and I would be highly emotionalized about having them.Then several years in to the

future after many trials, they materialized one by one by a definite plan and  the exact number in  my dreams.Now

the  thing is that I was using  the formula in Think and Grow Rich and had never read  or

heard of the book, Think and Grow Rich at that time.So thoughts are things and you can pick

up on  the thoughts of other brains.


Ray Gauthier