Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Snodgrass Rockledge, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-09-25

Thoughts are definitely things it has been proven time and time again all throughout history with some of the examples I have read in this book and other books I have read like Michael 's book .

.So to me, there is no question about that, .the problem is how we use our thoughts .There are people like Michael and Bob Shoaf and Ken who have mastered this and do not have any fear or doubt in which direction they are headed .

Just like Napolean Hill has said there is only one road and only two directions one leads to poverty and the other leads to riches and success .Myself I wish to be staying the same direction as Michael and the others going in that direction . I ask myself how can someone so young as the  example states be able to control the situation at hand . I know the answer but I still question it.That is how I know that I still have fear and doubt  in my mind because I am sure in my mind that Michael would not question it, he would know as  I do that she had no fear and was ready to do whatever it took to get her mothers 50 cents . But racing through my mind was what if and there can be no what if, s

Day by day I learn more and more from MFF and these Think and grow rich lessons and phone calls and mastermind groups .I also learn from reading everyone,s post after the lesson like when I read Bob Shoaf,s Lesson and he explained how some people will do certain things and others will not I was very impressed when some of the words from another member quoted from the Chinese Proverbs .Everyone,s post I read I feel and get some type of understanding from and I am so grateful for that .I got an AHA moment when I read this and I want to share it

In answer to these questions, this book was written. The answer called for a description of thirteen principles, but remember, as you read, the answer you may be seeking, to the questions which have caused you to ponder over the strangeness of life, may be found in your own mind, through some idea, plan, or purpose which may spring into your mind as you read. One sound idea is all that one needs to achieve success. The principles described in this book, contain the best, and the most practical of all that is known, concerning ways and means of creating useful ideas.

This really hit me hard because it made me think about what Michael said about I can help[ you if you are coachable .I have been coachable all my life but for all the wrong reasons .I have done what others have told me I needed to do and was easily influenced and known as an easy mark .

Now  I feel with MFF that I will   learn the art of changing my  mind from FAILURE CONSCIOUSNESS to SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS.and will truly be the master of my thoughts and captain of my soul. 

Thank you, everyone 


David Snodgrass ,

Rockledge Florida