Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Iveren Verinumbe Makurdi, Benue, Nigeria

Posted: 2016-09-24

I have never attached special menanings to what my thoughts are and thier effects on my experiences until recently. On an honest note, I have played with my thoughts for a long time. Knowing more that thoughts are things, I am gaining control and winning it back.

This reminds me of a recent event that happened just a week ago. There was this new set of flats strategically located for an office building just a stone throw from where I live. I loved the building at first sight and wished I had one of the flats for an office space.As a business starter, I had no clue on how to afford the rent, but kept thinking about it. At some point the particular flat I wanted in the building was paid for by some other person.

I causally mention this to a business associated that came visiting, and took her over to see the building. I told her what value the building could add to our cooperative society and our NGO to be.To my surprise she instantly bought the idea and promised to make an immediate payment, if the housing agent could give the particular flat that I wanted (that was already paid for by another tenant). This was sorted and we now own just the very flat I wanted in the same building I have desired the past three months.

Thoughts are power, I will think myself through to a happy, long and perousperous life and will help others achieve the same. Thank you all, what a great team to work with!