Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-09-23



Truly, Thoughts are Thing."

I can stop saying my self-talk for a few days. I'll not get ebook downloads.

I do the same activities and this time saying my self-talk 1200-1400 times a
day. I put thoughts out into the universe that I can help people who need it.
These are very intense thoughts and much focused thoughts.

I know I will get the number of quality ebook downloads I have asked for, by the
time I have specified. By quality I mean they will be in the country I expect
and have a valid email and phone number.

I am learning how to attract anything and anyone I desire into my life. Anyone
can learn to do the same, if they are COACHABLE. COACHABLE means posting lessons
consistently and speaking up on calls. Michael says, "That is when the magic

How many know what they have here in front of them? What they have tapped into
by downloading Michael's ebook? Those who post consistently and speak up
obviously do. There are those who post a few times, then disappear. Some say
they don't have time. What a pity. They downloaded the ebook to get tips or
help. Then they don't accept the help. What a shame. You can lead a person to
training, but you can't make them COACHABLE.

As Michael says, "Any excuse will do. Just pick one." We have a list of 100
excuses, just pick one. 

But let's focus on those who are here consistently and are changing their lives
in a very positive way. We can go down the line naming people who have had life
changing experiences as a result of their MFF activities.

These people are the reasons Michael and Linda are still here working to make
MFF an even better place for us to be able to change our lives in a very
positive way.

Having MFF for us to learn and grow, allows us to be able to participate in the
9 weekly calls that form a mastermind group. I am very appreciative of those who
make up these mastermind groups. We help each other grow and learn.

Then there are the people who have downloaded my ebook that I communicate with
regularly. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share this incredible MFF
experience with them. To find out how I can help them. And for the help they are
providing me, helping me to learn and grow as a person.

I am so grateful I found MFF. Thank you to each one of you.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM