Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2016-09-23

Marcel Schmidt, Thunderbay, Ontario,Canada

Chapter 1 Thoughts Are Things

I truly belive thoughts are things because when I think I can do something I can.

I am reminded of the litle train that was going up the hill on the train track saying I think I can, I think I can and the little train got up the hill.

My wife Marina and me just came back from holidays and at times the journey and the drive especially became a tiring ordeal and I became very irratible but I kept saying positive self talk to myself  telling myself that I only had to keep fucused on the drive and to be safe and shut up and  I managed to get where I was going safe and sound.And I had a wonderful time 90% of the time which is a HUGE improvement for me.Thoughts ARE things!!!

Sometimes I didn't think that would happen.

The point is I had a BURNING desire to get where I was going and have an excellent visit and I did and we got there as much as I know I will succeed in my Network Marketing business with the help of ALL my mentors in MFF and  I will get where GOD wants me to go.

Thanks to Linda,Michael and ALL the mentors in MFF

Marcel Schmidt

Thunderbay, Ontario


P.S. By The Way I am learning how to like myself again

P.P.S I know that I will be a successful network marketer just by thinking that I will be