Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-09-23

Napoleon States in this chapter that “Men truly do think and grow rich”. We are able to own our lives by learning how to think as a person, learning a better way to think and to how to become a better person.

We draw what we constantly think about to us in our own lives, for many years that eluded Myself about the power of own thoughts and that had that power within my own life to be able to create my own world and life just by changing my thoughts.

Before meeting Jenny my wife I was saying to myself that the next woman the meet would be my wife. When I meet her it became evident and events proceeding showed that to be true, it took learning to control my own thoughts to be able to get to that point where was able to remove all the junk that had been feed in the past from those influences and start owning my life. It has taken time to realized that my own input and thoughts are just as valuable as anyone else’s.

Also to be able to sift through and work out what I am wanting to do with my own life. Rather than having listened to all those years of programming. We have the ability to own our own lives when we learn to switch off from others input and be less concerned about their reaction. This held me back for years being too concerned about a reaction so that I would stop being who really was as a person.

2017 is shaping up to be awesome year, that 2016 is still unfished these last 4 years have been just truly amazing and heading into the new year it's looking so wonderful. Now it's time to say I am going to be helping families to live better lives. Earning an income from home, I am going to be helping people to live a better life, to get their health under control and to believe in themselves again.

Jenny and myself play a game when driving around seeing the car that we are going to get and drive in the future. We say the name of the car and will talk about the car that we are going to get. We’ve made that decision and are going to go for the car it's now going from there. The money will arrive when it's time to get that car. Just as the money has arrived every time that we are needing it over the years that we have been able to find that which we were needing.

We can love those in our lives and learn to just keep on going even it hurts the most or at the same time lock away our heart. When we say to ourselves the opposite sex scares me, it's hard to make friends or any of the other junk that was filled into our lives from our false friends then we draw that into our lives. When we turn around saying I make friends easily or the opposite sex is easy to talk to it comes back to us.

That my friends is the power of our thoughts, that we have the power to turn our lives around by simply changing our thoughts and what we say and think about. We can go from a relationship which fell apart to a loving relationship in months by simply learning to listen to the positive thinking rather than the pukers.

Thanks to my amazing always positive, loving wonderful mentors and friends Ken Klemm, Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Your ongoing friendship love and support. Thanks to my amazing wife Jenny for her own ongoing support encouragement and love.

Your friend for Life,

Wishing You an amazing day,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde – Moving to the Gold Coast by 29 May 2021

Ps. You can be so much more when You focus on what You want and help others to achieve their goal. Also stop letting the junk get to You.