Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leslie Orm Olivehurst, CA, usa

Posted: 2016-09-23

Napolean Hill, makes very clear in this chapter and thru out the entire book, "Thoughts are things", how ever so true is this, How many times have you thought of something positive, and next thing you know, it appears in your life....unfortunenately the opposite can also happen, if you condemn,complain or criticize, then next you know, life starts to become uncomfortable for you..


One must always be on guard when it comes to your thoughts, do not allow negative things, outside influences, or any negativity enter your mind, one must be like a sentry guarding against an enemy wishing to do harm to your unit, this is where self talk comes into play, it must be said hundreds of times per day.


in closing, your thoughts can help manifest happiness, wealth, prosperity, and anything you desire in life, never let go of your goals/dreams, guard them with your dear life.



Leslie Orm