Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-09-16



Most of us are here in MFF as a result of these three negative mindsets. Over
the years they have become a part of us and we didn't realize how destructive
they were. The Sixth Sense can't function when these negative thoughts are

Fears are nothing more than a state of mind. We will learn in Chapter 1,
Thoughts are Things. We create our own reality by those thoughts. They have
caused each of us to be where we are, in life.

This chapter suggests we self-analyze ourselves to find our weaknesses. This
analysis is necessary, if we desire to overcome our fears and begin moving
forward to fulfil our "WHY" and our "DESIRES".

Most people are like an alcoholic who doesn't admit his disease. We too for
years had not admitted our fears.

Hill gives an in depth description of the 6 common fears and OLD MAN WORRY. Each
fear will be overcome if a person makes the DECISION to prevent these
undesirable circumstances into their lives.

The devil's workshop is the Seventh basic evil, negativity. Hill goes into
detail showing us examples of this evil.

MFF teaches us how to get rid of negativity. First it is suggested to turn off
the radio and TV. Begin clearing the chatter from our mind. Begin learning how
to PERFECT our PERFECT self-talk per Ken Klemm's brilliant training. If we want
to replace any negativity within a few minutes, watch the "STOP IT" video.
Replacing those negative thoughts is required if we are to have any chance of
finding the success that caused us to download Michael's ebook, STS.

WOW! What a powerful lesson, but then all 15 chapters are, if we take the time
to study each one in depth.

I thank Michael and Linda for having the foresight to create a place like MFF
that has such powerful training as Hill's book T&GR. I've had several clients
say they have read that book more than 10 times. I suggest they get on a few
calls listen and participate, then tell me what they think. Each has said, it's
like I never read the book.

All 9 of our weekly calls have been created as Hill suggests; a mastermind
group. This is brilliant, because we often develop relationships with members
outside the regularly scheduled calls. Building these relationships allow us to
help each other by creating another mastermind group.

This chapter has been the force behind my self-analysis and caused me to
volunteer in MFF. I knew if I was to fulfil the DESIRES and AutoSuggestions in
Chapters 2-4, I had to move forward and get rid of fear. I have done that and am
continuing to do that by moving up the leader ladder.

I am also enjoying the sharing of this incredible training we have here with
those who have download my ebook and allow me to communicate with them. Those
who participate in this T&GR training are changing their lives in a very
positive way. That is very satisfying. I appreciate each one of them and will
believe in them until they believe in themselves.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM