Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-09-14

We know in a perfect universe governed by law,there are no accidents

Luck is  simply a way of trying to explain events that the person doesn't understand.We know that what seems to be luck is merely a demonstration of the law of cause and effect,especially of the law of attraction. We know you attract into your life people,ideas,circumstances, opportunities in harmony with your dominate thoughts.

In harmony with the kind of person that you really are. When you invest your time and money to increase your storehouse of practical knowledge, you trigger the LOA ,when you upgrade your skills,you attract more opportunities to use those skills. When you increase the number ofconracts, you tend to attract to you the kind of people who can help get the things you desire. When you save money,you again trigger the LOA,which brings more money and opportunity to use that money into your life. You begin to have a remarkable series of experience's that seem to speed you on a long road toward achievement of your innermost desires and aspirations. When you learn all the principles leading to this chapter.