Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Stephen Porter Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-09-14

This Chapter on the so-called 6th Sense is very spiritual to me! It reminds me of the communications I have with my God everyday! I am a huge fan of the Book of Proverbs in the Bible! Every night as I lay my head on my pillow I whisper the following words from Proverbs: "The fear of the Lord leads to life so that one may sleep satisfied untouched by evil" and "Every word of God is tested. HE is a shield to those who take refuge in HIM"! And, every morning after I awaken I thank God for giving me a refreshing sleep and for protecting me while I slept!

Bob Shoaf also comes into my mind as I read this Chapter about "hunches" and "inspirations"! I receive these so-called hunches and inspirations every day! I believe they are God communicating with me!

Sometimes I hear God telling me to help a specific person! For example, recently I was in Court in the hallway visiting with one of my law clients and his mother. Sitting nearby was a young man. I heard God telling me to meet this young man! So, I introduced myself to him and learned that his name is Vincent. Michael Dlouhy has challenged us to not pre-judge anyone, just as my God instructs me not to judge anyone and that judgment is reserved for God himself!

While visiting with Vincent, I learned things that still make me tear up when I think of them! I learned that Vincent was homeless because his mother kicked him out of her home. I learned that he was at court having been accused of a drug charge that he claims he is innocent of. I learned that he is 18 years old, was a star basketball player in high school and graduated early in just 3 years instead of four because he is so intelligent!

I heard God telling me to help Vincent! Had I not been tuned into this 6th Sense, I would not have met Vincent that day! I also shared my network marketing opportunity with Vincent and he is interested! He has already finished reading "Success In 10 Steps" and is now listening to the Step 2 skills calls! I cannot wait for Vincent to experience a Step 3 Coaching Call with Michael Dlouhy himself!

I also heard God telling me to defend Vincent for free. Vincent's trial date is September 22, 2016! And, based upon what Vincent has told me, I believe that he will be found Not Guilty at trial!

The mother of the client I was in Court with that day asked me why I went out of my way to meet Vincent? I told her it was because I was listening to the voice of God telling me to help Vincent and because God knows that I can help Vincent! She began to cry and told me what a blessing I have been to her son and to her!

Like Michael Dlouhy encourages us, when we slow down the chatter, we may actually hear the voice of God! And as Ken Klemm shares with us, as we slow down the chatter in our minds we may still hear the angels singing! You see, folks, the Angels have never stopped singing! We just sometimes cannot hear them singing because of all the noise we have allowed to dominate our minds! 

As Michael Dlouhy teaches us, when we own our minds, we may own our lives!

And, as Anthony Mitchell reminds us in each of his lessons, in all respects, I pray that each and all of you may be in good health and prosper just as your soul prospers! 3 John 1:2!

God is speaking to you all of the time! God wants you to prosper so that you may bless others! Can you hear HIS voice?