Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2016-01-20

Chapter 10-Power of the Mastermind

Power of the Mastermind;What is the power of the Mastermind? A mastermind can not be powerful without plans that is organized plans.  In order to succeed in building a business or any organization we need more than one person to help with the plans.  This is because organized plans give the plans power or as Mr. HIll says," organized and intelligently directed knowledge."

This knowledge must come from a group of two or more people who have the same definite purpose in mind.  Power is organized knowledge so it is necessary to think about where we get this knowledge. There are three sources which have been enumerated in this chapter:
     1.Infinite Intelligence
     2. Accumulated Experience- our libraries, learning in colleges and universities.
     3 Experiment and Research-gathering, organizing and classifying facts

If one examines the three sources of knowledge enumerated above we can see that one person would not be able to do this without help, especially if this one person wants to coordinate this knowledge into plans of action.  This is the main function of  a mastermind group.  Now we know what a mastermind group is:"Coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose."quote by Napolean Hill.

Do we choose a mastermind group with all college graduates with doctorate degrees? NO! We must consider the purpose of our plans, the expertise we need to carry out the plans, and the character of the people we ask to be a part of the group.  Our mastermind group should carry out instructions with persistence, intelligence and using discrimination but it will not be successful if we don't recognize the mastermind principle which is economic and psychic in nature. The economic phase of the the mastermind principle is obvious because  we surround ourselves with people who are working to translate their Desire into Riches.  

The psychic phase of the mastermind is harder to understand because it is spiritual in nature and humanity is not well acquainted with spirituality. The statement "No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible intangible force which can be likened to a third mind,"makes this psychic phase more clear.

A more clear understanding of this psychic phase may be analyzed by considering nature. Nature is made up of two elements matter and energy.  The mind of man has energy which is his thinking brain.  One brain alone can think of an idea but it has to be combined with another man's thinking to become matter or that third mind.  It sometimes takes more than just one more mind but a group of minds to really formulate a working plan which is the result of all minds thinking in harmony with their unique form of energy. This is the mastermind.

Thank you all for listening and wanting to be a part of this mastermind we have in this Mentoring for Free.
Ethel Van Zanten