Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Patricia Campbell Lithonia, Georgia, United States

Posted: 2016-09-08

Mr. Hill states........Last, but not least, man, with all of his boasted culture and education, understands little or nothing of the intangible force (the greatest of all the intangibles) of thought. He knows but little concerning the physical brain, and its vast network of intricate machinery through which the power of thought is translated into its material equivalent, but he is now entering an age which shall yield enlightenment on the subject. Already men of science have begun to turn their attention to the study of this stupendous thing called a brain, and, while they are still in the kindergarten stage of their studies, they have uncovered enough knowledge to know that the central switchboard of the human brain, the number of lines which connect the brain cells one with another, equal the figure one, followed by fifteen million ciphers.  


One year ago this month my niece, a promising and brilliant District Attorney and full life ahead of her became ill with "Acquired Brain Illness", and although  painful  to watch her focus and concentrate on the tiniest of task or to even speak broke our hearts.  We've seen a slow but tremendous progress and have learnt how complex and powerful the brain is.  My family and I are facing this phase of her healing while learning with both excitement and curiosity the power of The Brain.  


I'm late getting my reading plan in but I've made a commitment to myself and yes, my niece to post my lesson.