Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2016-09-07

Chapter 13- The Brain-

The Broadcasting and Receiving Station


 The Brain is the Hub you might say for all of the elements we have been studying in this book,”Think and Grow Rich.”  We have a thought in our Subconscious Mind and from there it goes to the Creative Imagination where it is influenced by thoughts coming from the ether, our emotions, and from other people.  The action that is taken is controlled  by the mind or brain.  


With the brain as our broadcasting and receiving station we have control of what action comes from all the thoughts that come our way.  Learning control of the actions we take is what life is all about.  


The difference between the broadcasting station of the media and our minds is that humanity controls the media.  Because  negative influences and thoughts creep into our minds so easily when we don’t have positive influences in our lives it is best to not look, or listen to it  unless we can have a positive influence with us at all times.  


Our mastermind group is our positive influence.  We really need positive people in our lives.  We need people who have a desire, have Faith, have  Love, have persistence, are sincere, are enthusiastic, are happy, and are prosperous.  


This is the purpose  of our lives as network marketers.  This is how we attract people  and  they want to be a part of our business.  


Thank you for letting me share.

Ethel Van Zanten