Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Snodgrass Rockledge, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-09-07

WOW I am just totally blown away by what I have read ! I have always believed their are forces we do not understand yet they are there .What I did not realize is the fact of when they were more apt to be working .I never even thought that sexual thoughts would make your brain the most active or that desire would connect you with outside brain waves . The other thing I have gotten from this lesson is I have  alot to learn .I want to update this after listening to the my first conference call .

     As I was listening to others and especially Micheal my body continued to feel like I was in a room with  a round table and everyone was there that has been in the lesson so yes a very big and round table I felt like there was nothing we could not accomplish or any problem we could not resolve . This to me is  a feeling I have only felt once in my life and that is when i told my buddy that I was going to marry my now wife and that was right after I saw her from  across the room.I wish I could express just how grateful I am for being introduced to this wonderful program that I have been introduced to .I now know that everything in my life will change and only I have the power to make the change . I know that everything I have done up to this point has brought me here I can feel from my head to my toes that I am finally on the right track and I am ALL IN  thanks to Michel and Linda and Jean and everyone here all the best David F. Snodgrass