Think & Grow Rich Lessons
walden Toews Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-09-07

    Our mind is only a portion of our brain.Many functions of our body happen totally involuntary of our thought. Our brain is central station of all the body’s functional impulses. We are told that these impulses are electrical, and for this to work like it’s supposed to, we have to be well hydrated.

    Our thinking is not just a matter of thought. If you try to have only a thought, then add in some feelings or emotions, and see where that takes you!


    A designers requisite , is that they must be a visionary. Unless the end result can be seen in the mind’s eye, before anything is an actual reality, there is little chance of much coming forth.


    My son and I work together in a welding/ fab/ repair shop. Many of the projects we work at together,planning the repair or the design of a new machine.We work well together because we both understand how the other is thinking. We build on each other’s inspirations,we envision together what that piece of machinery is going to go through in it’s real work life, the stress points and weaknesses.  I have tried to go through the same process of envisioning with some others in the shop, but it is so ineffective.


    Thoughts or thinking can work so much like a microscope.As you focus on a project or problem you begin to see the outline. Turn up the power/ focus and you will see more. Keep magnifying more and more and you will be surprised what is all revealed. Now here is where the magic can begin… this with two or more like minded people and your results will be many times multiplied. This is the workings of a true master mind group.

    Walden Toews