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Thelma Brittain Nashville, TN - Tennessee, United States

Posted: 2016-09-07

Vibrations of an exceedingly high rate are the only vibrations picked up and carried, by the ether, from one brain to another. Thought is energy travelling at an exceedingly high rate of vibration. Thought, which has been modified or “stepped up” by any of the major emotions, vibrates at a much higher rate than ordinary thought, and it is this type of thought which passes from one brain to another, through the broadcasting machinery of the human brain.

This reminds me of when I drive at first I thought it was a coincidence when I was much younger but now, I realize it is something else, now that I read this chapter it make a lot of sense. If I'm driving I see a car in front of me driving slow I will say " If you are going to get over then move over. the car moves over to the next lane. If I say this car about to turn, the car puts on their signal and then turns. I'm thinking the power of my thoughts are being translated into a mental power that can be carried from one persons brain to another.  Napoleon said "The mind can be stimulated so that the sixth sense can be made to function in a practical way".
If a child is in the room with their mother and she tells her child don't drink out of the milk carton and the child asks the mom how did she know what he was doing? A mother can sense what the child is going to do. Mother's usually say " I know what you are doing I have eyes in the back of my head
this a form of Telepathy, Creative Imagination or a coincidense?

I'm wondering if this statement is saying those of us who are blue does it mean that our thoughts are moving much faster than the other colors since our minds are always constantly running. We don't each other but we are connected somehow and we have the same problems. I believe some people may have a stronger mental power that others, do we all have some sort of power or is it only in certain people and how are they chosen?