Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Hall Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-01-20

Chapter 10     The Power Of The Mastermind


Hill tells us that each person who wants to fulfil their desire to grow rich should surround themselves with a mastermind group.
He quotes Henry Ford and others as examples of people who successfully accumulated wealth by doing just that.

He points out that no-one can be expected to learn "everything" and that the best way round this problem is to make sure that
you know and have access to people who know abou thet thlngs you don't.

He believed that somehow, the effect of a group of minds working together was greater than the sum of its parts.

He also believed that such a group had better access to Infinite Intelligence than an individual.

My mentor,Tuula, and my colleagues at Mentoring For Free have served as my mastermind group. Through them I have
learned that there is a lot more to network marketing than some companies would have you believe. I'm beginning to learn
to recognise the different types of personalities and how to deal with them(I've still got more to learn, though). I've learned
to recognise companies whose policies are erroneous. e.g. "recruit, recruit, recruit!". 

I've learned to recognise some of the outright scams there are out there...companies which don't actually sell anything, so
called "pre-launch opportunities" and so on.

But, more than anything, I thank them for teaching me the habit of positive thinking. Because of the advice I've received
from my mentor and colleagues I've been able to maintain my self-esteem and self-belief during a period when I could
so easily have lost them.

It's been a very difficult year. I thank you all for keeping me going when I could so easily have given up.


Martin Hall       Stourbridge       United Kingdom