Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-09-05

Chapter 13 - The Brain.

Around fifty years ago while serving aboard a Naval supply vessel a crewman suggested we had some fun with a Ouija board and I found myself sitting in a circle to make up the required numbers each with a finger placed on a pointer in the middle of a circular board with letters and numbers around the outside.

Although I was surprised and a little disturbed by the resulting experience, random questions apparently being answered by the pointer moving to letters forming words with certainly no pressure or intention on my part. Because I had no other explanation, and us Greens like to have an explanation for pretty much everything, I wrote the whole thing off as some sort of trick by one of the others. In spite of very strong denials by everyone else involved of any trickery on their part,  I believed for years the whole thing was a setup, probably by the person who suggested the ‘game’ in the first place.

With one exception, that was my first, and last, ‘experiment’ with Ouija boards or anything similar.

Because I had no reason to doubt it, that belief stayed with me until I read Think and Grow Rich for the first time in the early 80’s when I read how vibrations (thoughts) at very high speeds can be transmitted and picked up by other brains.

This chapter, stories of almost indentical ideas or inventions appearing even on opposite sides of the World at almost identical times with no visible means of communication between those involved, and later, instances between myself and Judith where the same thoughts or words seemingly arrive out of the ether to both of us at exactly the same time, often with no prior conversation about the particular topic have made me wonder just what did happen on that boat so many years ago – was it a simple mess deck trick or was it proof of Mr. Hill’s assertion of the brain being both a transmitting and receiving device?

John Smith. Gloucester UK