Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-09-04

Grey matter is what our brains are described as. That is the physical part of out brain. But the brain is so much more than just grey matter. It is a complex machine that controls the physical aspects of life as well as the intangible forces. Today we still know little about the inner workings of the brain. It holds 10 to 14 billions of nerves, even more that the light years across our universe, yet it only weights about 3 lbs. Isn't that fascinating? 

The intangible the creative imagination and the subconscious is what Mr. Hill is describing in this chapter. He educates us on the brains ability to transmute thoughts particularly high vibrational thoughts which are stimulated by emotions through the ether then utilized by the subconscious to broadcast those thoughts. The creative imagination receives these heightened thoughts and works out an attended or unattended result depending on the dominant thought.

We have the ability to create whatever we think with auto-suggestion and a positive emotion or emotions. We can have what we want out of life if we just stop the noise in our heads and cultivate the subconscious mind to think clearly and purposely on taking positive actions. If our mind is clear when the high vibration of thought is received then our mind will come up with a plan from ether to the creative imagination to get the desired results.

I thank all of whom participating in our mastermind group and for the leadership from Michael and Linda.