Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Melissa Forbes Atchison, KS, United States

Posted: 2016-09-03

—the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, CREATIVE IMAGINATION, and AUTO-SUGGESTION. The stimuli through which you put these three principles into action have been described—the procedure begins with DESIRE. THE GREATEST FORCES ARE “INTANGIBLE”


I found this chapter very interesting. I have known for sometime that we as humans do not regularly use our brains to the max of their capacity. I believe we have so much chatter going into them from outside sources it is hard to quiet down and decipher what is important.  No matter where I am or what I am focusing on I always seem to have something pop into my brain that I need to be doing some where else. Like as I am sitting here typing my lesson to post this week I am thinking about how I should go down stairs and start a load of laundry so that it could be washing while I am doing this and how the dishes really need to get done today even though my daughter whom is supposed to do them is out of town and should have done them yesterday before she let.


I am a work in progress. Learning how to stay focused on one task at a time has been a hard thing to learn for me but I notice improvement everyday. While reading this chapter It made me wonder how much I miss when my brain is wandering off while I am trying to focus on completing the task at hand. How much I would hear if I could shut down the chatter to process what is truly being said.


Our weekly calls have helped a lot hearing what others have gotten out of the chapter. Seeing things from a different perspective. A mastermind group as the chapter suggests.


A few short weeks ago I would not have agreeed that ‘telepathy’ and ‘clairvoyance were possible but from what I have learned in just the few short weeks I have been posting my lessons and getting on the calls I can see how this could be possible today.


Thank you Bob Shoaf for helping me every week and introducing me to the think and grow rich lessons and thank you Michael Dlouhy for all you do in helping us be better every day.