Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nydza Flores New York, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-09-01

While listening to and reading along chapter 12 It reminded me of why so many people live on regrets.  They or for a better word WE make desisions based on emotions many more times than not.  Example: I hate going to work and because you already said that it becomes your day, so you go to work absolutely hating your job and your boss and in turn you do the minimum just to keep the job but you're miserable.  We can only change that by being grateful for having a job to go to as so many people wish they had one and in turn do your job the best possible way you can giving it100% of yourself and continue to stay in that positive ftame of mind and your days will become so much better/easier. 

The Chapter teaches us to continue to feed our subconcious minds those things we want and desire because it only knows what we've been feeding it for so long. It needs to be reprogrammed with positive verbal feedings. Which for me is:  I WILL be a millionaire by next year this time and I will continue to verbalize this want all day every day with taking the actions that need to be taken to get there. Faith without works is dead so having faith is one step and action is the next mixing it with shapening my thought life with the good and positive words, feeling and visualizing my desire goal in order for the universe to give me what I've ask for.  So i need to let go of what i have in my hand to make space to receive and grasp what is coming to me.  Is like the gardener that sows his seed and waters it everyday to then reap that beautiful flower. Just like that i feed my subconcious mind with the thoughts of who i want to become everyday and work at it and in due time I will receive that which I've so much said I wanted. I will be living that life I had already believed in before hand only this time is tangible.