Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rita Bingham Spring, Texas, USA

Posted: 2016-09-01


Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 12

The Sub-Conscious Mind

The Sub Conscious Mind is Amazing.  There have been many books written about how it works, on in particular that comes to mind is “The Strangest Secret”.  One saying that an acquaintance of mind always said “You don’t get what you want, you get what you picture”.  What you picture is what you have feed your sub-conscious.  What do you tell yourself all day long?  What are you feeding?  Whatever you feed grows and takes control of your life. 


Many times the result of many emotional issues that people experience is a result of what was allowed to enter and live in their Sub-Conscious mind.  John Rohm once said” If a man says he can and another man says he can’t, they are both right.  If it was fed to your sub-conscious mind, you’d better believe it’d there to stay unless we go through some powerful changes.

All throughout history, we have seen what many have called “Miracles” and many times it was the sub-conscious mind at work.  It was Faith and a Belief system built on what that person had fed their mind.

The woman with the Issue of Blood had it buried in her sub-conscious mind that if she would only touch the hem of Jesus garment she would be healed and she was.

A soldier’s belief in his sub-conscious mind was so strong that he felt that even though she were deathly ill, if Jesus would just pray for her, life would come back into her body.

Many use their sub-conscious mind to achieve their goals and dreams.

What have you allowed to permeate your sub-conscious mind?  Is it holding you back or propelling you forward.