Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-08-31

Chapter !2  The Subconscious Mind:

Success doesn't crown the person who sells himself short through lack of self-confidence. It does favor the person who knows what he/she wants, is determined to get it and refuses to accept the word impossible. One of the most successful insurance managers in America requires all of his salespeople to spend five minutes before a mirror every morning before starting work looking at themselves and saying "You are the greatest living salesperson and you are going to prove it today, tomorrow and always." And by prearrangement with the sales manager, the spouses of each of these salespeople see them off to work at the door each morning with this message, "You are the greatest salesperson living and you will prove it today."

   It is significant that these salespeople are leading all others in a field-insurance-that is said to be something which must be sold, but is never bought.

The subconscious section of the human mind has unlimited powers that each individual may tap and direct to any desired end. Yet the method by which one may direct it is so simple that many people discount its workability. Briefly stated, the subconscious can be directed by simply talking to it and giving it orders as if it were an invisible person standing ready with the power and willingness to do whatever is requested of it.

   The subconscious has one very peculiar trait. It believes everything everyone tells it, and acts accordingly. It not only believe's and acts upon one's spoken words, but more astounding still, it believes and acts upon one's thoughts-especially those thoughts which are highly emotionalized with either faith or fear.

   The subconscious is also very amenable to the repetition of thoughts and words, This trait is fortunate because it is the simple means by which one can put the subconscious to work on one's behalf for any desired purpose. It also explains why the person who allows his mind to dwell upon poverty and failure and ill health, and all the things he/she does not want, is plagued by getting just those things.

   Every successful person has a system for conditioning his/her mind to feed the subconscious with aims and purposes of his/her own choice, and to do it so intensely that it has no opportunity to attract anything that is not desired. The technique of the system is unimportant as long as it conveys to the subconscious, by repetition, a clear description of what is wanted.

   Use your subconscious to build your self-confidence, and you will train your mind to serve you in everything you do.