Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Stephen Porter Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-08-31

Hill teaches us that the Subconscious Mind is the connecting link between the Finite Mind of man and Imfinite Intelligence! I refer to this connection as prayer!

When I think of the subconscious mind I now think of self-talk or how I talk to myself!

This Friday, September 2, 2016, is my 6th Anniversary with Mentoring For Free! My network marketing success did not happen overnight! But, it has happened! And, it keeps getting better everyday! I now know what to say and what to do to build my business! I love getting e-book downloads and since I now know that every e-book download has a network marketing story I like to ask them to share their story with me! Then, after they share their network marketing story with me, I like to ask this question, "I'm just curious, would you be willing to complete a FREE 4-Step training program that can, literally, guarantee your success in the network marketing profession IF you will complete all 4 Steps"? And, for those who say, "yes", I walk them through the 4 Steps of the Mentoring For Free system! This business, thanks to the MFF system, has gotten simple, fun, and lucrative!