Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Donna Catron Butler, MO, USA

Posted: 2016-08-31

Chapter 12: The Subconscious Mind

This is a very important chapter as Hill reminds us our subconscious mind works 24/7 whether we want it to or not. I think this is well evidenced by the fact when we wake up from sleeping we realize we have been dreaming. And although I rarely remember the dreams, quite often I am amazed to remember who was in the dream! And I have NO explanation for it. Hill gives us specific instructions for programming our subconscious mind to achieve positive thoughts and results. I must work constantly to watch what that mind is thinking because left unattended it can go to any negative place it wants. The use of our self-talk helps to keep it in check.

Since our granddaughter is spending so much time with us now, I am ever mindful of what I say around her, as I do not want something I may say to stay in HER subconscious mind forever! And occassionally, I have to remind her dad of this. Her teachers say she is the happiest kid in the class, and I want her to stay that way.

Life can be challenging enough without giving my subconscious more ammunition. 

Donna Catron