Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lynn Gunterman Louisville , KY, USA

Posted: 2016-08-31

On last Saturday nights call I shared with everyone one of my biggest dreams I've had since I was 14 years old. I've wanted to start a boys and girls ranch for abused and rapped children that end up taken out of their homes and away from their parents. Before sharing this with the group, I had only shared it with less than a handful of people.  But something was telling me this night to go on and share it.  When the call was over I noticed Celeste had sent me a message telling me to go for it and I told her I'd love to but that it would take mega, mega money.  She told me to stop focusing on the money and start making plans.  Remember the story in T&GR about the guy who started the Illinois Institute of Technology?  If you don't have the plans to go, the money won't find you.  This is what I ended up sending back to her:

Ah-ha!!  I got you and Michael now hon.  See myself in possession (already owning it or see myself doing it) of the things I want to acquire not what it's going to take to get it or the steps to take to get there.  What Michael has been saying all along and I have been doing but I've been adding extra to it. I've been adding the "how to directions" and the how is it going to come about??  And like with my inventions I thought of a couple months back, I've been focusing on the how is it going to be built and how exactly will it work so that when I do find the person to build it for me (cause I am not knowledgable about electrical work but now as I think of it Michael didn't have any knowledge of computer programs and programming a website to do what he wanted it to do but he had the idea and knew what he wanted it to be for Mentoring For Free and even though he told the programmer his ideas he did not tell him how to do it.  (I don't know why I just added the last part about how to do, but something told me to).  I have an open mind and ideas are flowing through.  I actually feel so light physically now like I'm floating on a cloud.  I've been here before, creative imagination and infinite intelligence speaking to me, but boy it has been a very long time because I had closed it off.  WOW, the feeling I'm feeling right now is like energy flowing through my entire body from head to toes.  

Hill tells us the same thing by saying plant our DESIRES in our subconscious mind.  Say our self talk. Have faith and be patient and persistent.

God Bless each of you,

"Donna Lynn" Gunterman