Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2016-08-31

Chapter 12 The Subconscious Mind

The doorway to infinite intelligence is the sub-conscious mind.  If you want to transmute thoughts from figments of your imagination to things you can touch and feel like cash in the bank, great health, charitable projects or empowering relationships, communicating with infinite intelligence via the subconscious mind is essential.  About the subconscious mind Hill says:  "The possibilities of creative effort connected with the subconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable.  They inspire one with awe."

The subconscious mind takes in stimuli from everywhere 24/7 and much of that is negative. This means to own our lives we must seize control by consciously and intentionally feeding it with positive thoughts and emotions instead.

We do this by the choices we make.  When we choose to be around positive people, read positive books and articles, and say positive self talk consistently, we have an enjoyable life no matter what happens.  With consistent positive choices we develop faith in the outcome.  The outcome may surprise us...often it does...but we have faith it is for the best, no matter what.

Ultimately the best way to direct the subconscious mind is to develop a habit... or as Hill says: "the subconscious mind may be voluntarily directed only through habit...." If you want a positive life experience and business...choose to develop positive habits.

At the physical level, brain research  teaches us that when we build a habit we actually build a stronger network of pathways in the brain that make that habit stronger and more enduring.  This supports our faith, and these networks can be either positive or negative. 

Focus on developing a new skill like learning Tom Schreiter's dialogs, and over time, with practice, they become a habit, part of our regular conversation...something we do with ease without having to think about it.  And the success we have using these skills, builds our faith in a positive outcome for our business. 

Or focus on the news and spend time with negative people and you will develop negative neural pathways instead.....and the negativity becomes a habit.  People who say things like "Network marketing works for other people but not for me,"  or "I tried but it just didn't work, I guess I'll get a job," are people who have faith in a negative outcome.  They don't expect success and wonder why it stays away.

What habits are you creating?  Whatever they are, whatever direction they go, your faith will follow....and so will your life and your business.

Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA

Don't downgrade your dream to match your reality.  Upgrade your faith to match your destiny.

                                                                                                            --Devon Franklin