Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2016-08-31

What means this “Connecting Link” business?

Our Subconscious, or Unconscious, Brain connects our 
Consciousness to everything else. It monitors and 
regulates the complex array of bio-systems that make up 
our bodies. 

When our Consciousness desires to express a thought as 
a group of words, the Subconscious directs the complex 
system of fine muscle movements needed to write or 
speak those words.

The Subconscious also connects to the vast array of the 
Spiritual Realm, wherein are all the knowledge, 
memories and ideas of every intelligent being who ever 
has or ever will live.

It connects these physical and Spiritual resources with 
our Consciousness to express or manifest whatever we 
want to ATTRACT to ourselves. It does so without 
question or judgment, and it always delivers.

We Attract good or evil to ourselves based on the 
Polarity of our ATTITUDE.

The good, creative polarity generated by the 8 Positive 
Emotions is the Attitude of LOVE. The evil, destructive 
polarity generated by the 8 Negative Emotions is the 
Attitude of FEAR.

Now, here is something interesting...

We consciously CHOOSE the polarity anytime we want. 
But, why is it that whenever our consciousness idles in 
NEUTRAL - it automatically defaults to the Negative 
Attitude of FEAR

It’s like our Consciousness is a motor vehicle and our 
Subconscious is the roadway it rides on. 

It seems the roadway of Life has a perpetual downward
grade. So when we coast in neutral, we drift downhill by

So, to head uphill, we need to consciously engage the 
gears and give it some gas.

Why is that?

Never forget... 98% of people vibrate in the Attitude 
of Fear all the time: They are the people who produce 
the news and our friends, family, neighbors and 
coworkers who watch it.

Our Subconscious is extremely susceptible to the Power 
of Suggestion
- and it soaks up all this junk from its 
environment daily.

As it is impractical to dwell in an isolated cave, we 
must resort to other devices to overcome the 

Repeating carefully crafted SELF-TALK often and daily 
viewing of the Stop It! video are two such devices.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm

P.S. “Seizing control of the steering wheel is the 
first step toward Owning Your Life.”