Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Melissa Forbes Atchison, KS, United States

Posted: 2016-08-31

The subconscious mind.


The subconscious mind is always working. Filing away everything that is feed to our minds on a daily basis Negative or positive. I believe we have to choose what we focus on. If we focus on the negative it will grow If we focus on the positive it will grow. 


We cannot entirely control what the subconscious mind focuses on but we can  feed it what we want it to focus on. When I focus on my self talk I find it a lot easier to block out the negative thoughts. When I get busy and forget to work on myself talk I see the negative fly in real fast.  If you want to change what your mind focuses on it must become a daily habit.


If you fail to feed your mind it will feed itself. When the mind feeds itself It does not focus on the positive things that most would want their minds to focus on. When negative thought get into the mind they take over quicky were as positive thought have to be repeatedly feed in to take root. 


  When you master shutting out the negative thoughts and focusing on the positive thought  you will unlock the key to controlling your subconscious mind. Being able to mix faith with  a purpose and putting it into a plan and action.  One can not have faith and fear they do not co habit together.  you will not find Faith and Fear in the same place. 


The communication between finite mind and Infinite Intelligence cost nothing but Patience, Faith, Persistence, Understanding, and a sincere desire to communicate.