Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Valentine Houston, Texas, United States

Posted: 2016-08-30

Chapter 12 - The Subconscious Mind

In this chapter, Napoleon Hill talks about the power our subconscious mind has over everything we think, perceive and do.  Both Mr. Hill and Michael talk about saying our self-talk hundreds of times a day to reprogram our minds to overcome the limiting programming we learned as kids, and negative social influences as adults.

Michael has told us about a powerful question Linda asks, “How long are you going to be the victim?”  Our subconscious mind remembers everything that has happened to us whether or not we consciously remember all those events and experiences.  Linda’s question has stuck in my mind.

My birth father, may he rest in peace, said self-talk, and was involved with a well-known MLM company when I was a teenager.  Doing just as he was trained, he talked to EVERYONE about his company and products.  Absolute strangers!  I was very embarrassed to be out with him.  Every time I think of his attitude and actions during that time, I go back to being that embarrassed teenager.  I associate network marketing experiences with him, and I don’t want to be like that.

Michael told us about his forgiving his parents for the abuse and lack of love in his family.  I’m grateful that my childhood was a good one.  But to break down the wall I’ve placed around my emotions in part because of the relationship with my father, I’m learning how to forgive.  Forgiving isn’t a skill I learned growing up.  I’m learning to forgive the adults who taught me to limit my life, play it safe.  To understand where they were coming from, why they believed what they did, and then to accept that they were doing the best they could.  I see cracks in the wall.  I’ve found ways to do self-talk with powerful emotions and energy that impacts my inner core.  And I see my self-talk of self-acceptance and self-love breaking through the barriers.

Sharon Valentine

Houston, TX