Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dennis Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Of America

Posted: 2016-08-29

Chapter 12 The subconscious Mind


The Eleventh Step toward Riches

From what I have leared so far, our Menor, Michael, is connected to the either and infinte itellegence like a hose from a spigot, to a water sprinkler.  The spigot is turned on and water flows through the hose to the sprinkler and the earth is watered and a garden blooms

Michael is so connected to infinite inllegence that so much valuable information flows through him and it is sprinkled, no showered upon me (I am being a little selfish here, hope you don't mind)  His ability to stay positive and in control of his positive emotions, prevents the negative emotions from dominating his thoughts and enter his subconscious mind. This allows him to mix in faith with his burning desires and other positive emotions to make impression on the subconscious mind, and present a definite idea,  or purpose to the either.  It is then presented to Infinite itellegence, and then he gets back throught the creative imagination a blueprint for his plans, complete with all instruction and details that creates something of value, and when a need for anything presents itself the soulition is also presented,  This practice has presented such creations as the books he has authored and co-authored, Mentoring For Free, the Mentoring App, MFF Boot Camp, and the Think and Grow Rich Lessons/Master Mind Group. We all know from experience that Michael keeps looking to add to and improve everything he can produce geared to our success.  The Subconscious mindm the link between Finaite man and Infinate intellegence, in the words of Michael Dlouhy, " Wow what a concept".

Last saturdays Coaching Corner call made me do a lot of thinking about the value I recieve here that I have never ever recieved anywhere else.  What great value we recieve from Michael's and Linda's experiences, the wisdom their use of knowledge for the benefit of others and their love of our success is priceless to me.  And they do it all for free.  I am thankful to tears to God for Michael, Linda and all of the Master Mind Group for your love and brilliance. Thank You All.

Michael Dennis
Charlotte NC