Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2016-08-29

What I learned from reading this chapter of the subconscious mind is that whatever decision you must make has to be full of EMOTION. If it is not then all you have done is make a wish NOT a decision. A decision is setting a goal with a deadline & having a WHY that makes you cry. Like it says in Success In Ten Steps if your WHY is 70% and your obstacle is 72% then you will quit but if it is 110% then you will be here to say. Logic does NOT influence your mind nor your prospects mind. Ken Klemn always mentions that facts tell and stories sell therefore you have to program your subconsious mind for a sweet victory by having the positive emotions in your possession at all times. They are faith, love, sex, desire, hope, romance, enthusiasm and prosperity. We do not go to the negative thoughts or else it will cancel everything. Think about when Michael brought up a negative story at one point on the phone, everybody unmuted their phones and started to tell each others drama. That became a pity party. Why don't we bring up negativity up? The reason why is because we attract more of it and we can't go there. One negative thought is enough to destroy all chances of success.

Lets program what we want by saying our self talk with POSITIVE EMOTIONS that way will attract the things we DO WANT. There is an old saying your focus forms your future. What are you focusing on?

Lawrence Bergfeld