Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-08-28

In this 12th. Chapter – The subconscious Mind, Hill states – “It is a well-known fact that emotion or feeling, rules the majority of people". Certainly as members of the majority, we all understand how fear can paralyze and joy energise, with many of us experiencing the roller coaster of both emotions at various times of our lives.

Our thoughts impact heavily on our emotions, positive thought produces happy emotions but if we allow negative thoughts of failure to dominate, we quickly become unhappy, often wearing that unhappiness like a cloak to protect ourselves from the World.

Sadly too many find it easier to focus on past failure rather than seeking and expandinging the positives out of our many successes, however small they may seem to us yet it's just those positive, happy thoughts or memories and the emotions they create which are just what are needed to help to feed and fertilize our subconscious mind, which works 24/7 whether we like it or not, to respond positively.

That said, many of us also know just how easy it is for our guards to drop allowing negative thoughts to slip into our subconscious like ghosts in night to invade and overcome the positive feelings we work to create. Frtunately most of us who have been around Mentoring for Free for any length of time know and understand that that is just what happens and by using our positive self-talk as often as possible daily, listening to and contributing to the weekly injections of positivity and know how in every call, we rebuild and strengthen our own positive outlooks.

With thanks to the king of positive, Michael, and all the mentors and members who every week choose to use their time and energy to help all of us with no agenda other than to spread their success.

John Smith. In sunny Gloucester. UK