Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogersville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2016-08-27

Chapter 12

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is known as the sender or broadcaster of the brain. You can plant in your subconscious mind any plan, thought, or desire which is negative or positive it does not matter and send it into the ether.

The subconscious mind sends out vibrations of your thoughts just like a radio or TV stations they send out signals at high vibrations that can travel many miles.

The air is filled with sound waves and if you concentrate you can send   sounds and thoughts to others many miles away. Michael Dlouhy proved that one night on the 30 mental cleanse call. He looked at a picture for two minutes and asked everybody to clear their mind and concentrate real hard on what he was looking at. Several people told him of colors and parts of the picture proving that thoughts do travel through space and are picked by other people.

The thoughts can be negative or positive it doesn’t matter to the subconscious mind which is the reason that many people have a hard time reaching their goals to accumulate wealth (or money) by being around people who are always having negative thoughts and ideas.

Michael and Linda have devoted their lives teaching us the right way to reach our goals in life if we need help he is always there and on each call he  always says “speak up this is your call no question is bad or wrong”. Your desire your dreams your goals is taught in every chapter of Think and Grow Rich and how you can accumulate money.

A few days ago someone asked me what was my meaning of the word “wealth” I thought for a few days asking myself what was wealth to me. I have a hard time understanding the enunciation of many words and I know I have to work really hard to call myslf coeachable.  I asked myself what were the times I was wealthy with love and happiness in my heart. Was it the time i was In the navy fighting for our freedom in world war 2 or was it the time when we won and I came home or is it because I am healthy I am happy and live in the now or when the vice admiral let me take a picture of the two of us and thanked me not for my service but as he said “ Thank you Tucker for my life if it wasn’t for all ww2 vets and what you all did we wouldn’t be  here I would have never been born Then he handed me a personal metal he had made for the 70 anniversary of ww2.  These are my wealth moments and remember of the things I had to do and spent many days and nights with tears running down my cheeks these are my wealth moments however I still have to pay my bills and at 89 I will never quit because I am healthy I am happy and I live in the now.


Thank you Michael and Linda and all the MFF for believing in me

Ernest Tucker