Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-08-26

The Eleventh Step toward Riches

I remember my thoughts prior to MFF. If somebody said or did something I didn't
like, I turned Red in a heartbeat. And I would tell them so.

I had no chance of being successful creating an income from home. It didn't
matter how good the compensation plan, the training, the products, the people I
talked to. I failed miserably because of my attitude.

When I found MFF in September, 2012, I knew I had found the place that would
help me.

I became a sponge for information. It was several months before I missed a call.
I had to work on ME!

I posted lessons consistently, said my self-talk, sometimes more than 2000 times
a day. At some point I began submitting daily accountability reports to Michael.
I was getting ebook downloads at will, 3-5 a day. I was calling 80 clients a

Then May 15, 2014 something snapped. I became overwhelmed. I did not have enough
personal growth, I quit. This can happen to people, no matter how successful
they may be. Some making $10,000, $20,000 and more per month have done the same.
I made no excuses because I knew it was me.

Four months to the day, September 15, 2014, I came back to MFF. I knew this was
the only place that could help me become the leader I wanted to be. There is
nothing out there in the industry that will compare to MFF at any cost. I have
not looked back since.

I have, as this chapter suggests, answered the questions in Chapters 2, 3 & 4. I
have put the answers to Chapter 2, the 5 Steps in Chapter 3 and two
Autosuggestions from Chapter 4 on 4" x 6" cards. I have copies at my computer,
on the night stand by my bed and by my recliner. I read them twice daily,
morning and the last thing before I lay my head down to say my self-talk and go
to sleep. I keep in mind Step 5 of Chapter 3 many times during the day. I work
daily to live up to what that step recommends.

I have come so far since those pre-MFF days. But I am just getting started. You
ain't seen nothin' yet. LOL

I thank Michael and Linda for their expertise, persistence and foresight to
create and continue to improve this LIFE training that will benefit every person
who is COACHABLE, who desires to improve their life in a very positive way.

I thank each member of our training calls for being there contributing, giving
their expertise. They are also adding value for all of us. Whether they know it
or not, they are developing skills, gaining personal growth and can become a
leader also.

Bob Shoaf

Alamogodo, NM

PS: I especially thank and am so grateful for each person I communicate with on
a regular basis. I see each one of them becoming the person they desire by
sharing this incredible MFF system with them and mentoring them to success. I
appreciate them and will believe in them until they believe in themselves.

PPS: It all begins with what we tell our subconscious mind, the faith we have
and the actions we take.