Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2016-08-17

Power of the Mastermind requires the organized intellectual direction of knowledge from 2 or more people.  I believe we each use all 3 sources of knowledge, the infinite intellectual, accumulated experience and some experimentation & research, though some of my lessons I would have preferred not to learn from experience.

I like the thought that desire is the beginning of plans and leads to the goal, which may be money.  This makes it even more important for us to know our desires and to choose likeminded people for our companions in a mastermind group. This is critical in the network marketing industry as in all parts of our lives.

The thought that characteristics of our group members affect us in both economic and psychic ways is interesting as well.  The energy within a communication between people, acting like batteries was a good analogy, and the thought that the entire group benefits from the intelligence, experience, knowledge and spiritual forces of the others makes it even more important for us to choose our circles that recharge us.  To me, this does not mean we avoid others, but we must prioritize the Mastermind group for our own survival and well being.  I loved the example of Henry Ford and the affects of his friends in bringing him out of povery, illiteracy and ignorance.  We should all be so fortunate!

It was interesting to contemplate Mahatma Gandhi, whose goal had little to do with monetary gratification.  It shows the broadness of the concept.  

My own direction is to stay in the stream of power.  Power of varying types.  Power to see the positivie and feel the positive emotions financially, socially and spiritually.  Again, it does require developing those burning desires.