Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lynn Gunterman Louisville , KY, USA

Posted: 2016-08-17

The Power of The Mastermind group can be extremely powerful no matter whom is forming the group.  No matter if what they want to accomplish is good or evil.  When two or more people come together as a Mastermind group the outcome can be more powerful than you ever imagined!!   

In 1980, the FBI has a mastermind group working together to take down the 5 most powerful mafia families in New York.  Ron Goldstock heads The Organized Crime Task Force of 50 people, also creating a Mastermind group to take down the same 5 families. 

By the end of 83' they are listening in to most of the heads of the NY families.  They begin to build a case.  As they are listening in they realize that the families are working together.  This is when they learn of the mafia's "Commission".  It was first established in 1931 and forms the Board of Directors, otherwise known as a Mastermind group.  The commission consisted of the bosses of each family.  This is were they voted and made there decisions.  This is when both agencies (FBI & The Organized Crime Task  Force) realize they will have to adopt the same kind of communication in order to take down the 5 families.  Putting aside their differences and rivalries the two agencies join forces and become a bigger and stronger Mastermind group.

Without going into all the details, on Feburary 25, 1985 the police descend and arrest a total of 9 mobsters, including 5 Godfathers of the 5 most powerful families in NY, The Commission, which included Casellano, Salerno, Rastelli, Coralla, and Langella.

Now, just imagine how powerful our Mastermind Group can be only if we let it.........

Thank you Michael and Linda and the rest of the MFF family for creating a powerful Mastermind group that I and all of us can turn to and count on.  God Bless you all.

Lynn Gunterman