Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary McLean Carrigallen, Leitrim, Ireland

Posted: 2016-08-16

Chapter 10 - The Power of the Mastermind – The Ninth Step Towards Riches


In this chapter Napoleon Hill talks about the power of the master mind group and how we are influenced by those with whom we associate most.

In my day job as a civil servant I often find it hard to remain positive. Civil Servants by their very nature tend to be very negative, especially those in the lower grades.  When my staff start ranting I tell them to stop it. I have told then on numerous occasions that “let it go” (the theme song from Frozen) is our theme song and that I will hang a picture of Olaf on the wall of the office. That usually helps to lighten to the mood.

But it’s amazing how I can still be drawn into the negativity too. So I have told my staff if I ever start complaining to tell me to stop it.

I sit with this group of people who are so negative about life that my only way to protect myself is to stay in regular contact with my MLM team members and the members of this mastermind group.

Through Mentoring For Free and especially the Think and Grow Rich Lessons, I am building a protective barrier around me. This protective barrier gets stronger the more I participate on these calls and the more I am in contact with positive friends and mentors who encourage me.

I am also so grateful to Michael who I know thinks of me and sends me positivity through the ether every day.

Thank you Michael and Linda for believing in my till I can fully believe in myself.


Mary McLean, Ireland


Mary McLean, Ireland