Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-08-16

We all have mastermind groups in our lives that we use daily, growing up a mastermind group would have been myself and my grandmother. Although it has taken till now to realize that it was so. These days my grandmother is part of my virtual mastermind group.

In own life there have been may mastermind groups from masterminding with the team about an emergency or assist on how can get the vessel its assistance needed. We need to discuss what to do and where to go to get the response needed. We can seek advice by many different means as Henry Ford has said that he had a row of push buttons where he could get the information needed by the push of a button. These days You can get information a lot more freely or quickly that You need either from the internet, phone or seeing a person one on one.

I am just curious who do You turn to when You are working towards a goal or dream? We are all building our business in network marketing do You mastermind or talk with the person who has done that job of building their business as a person that they have been through the trenches and know what it is like out there in the field or do You talk to someone who has never built their own business in network marketing. One experience in network marketing I left owing to listening to the advice of someone in business for themselves, however they were in a totally different field other than network marketing. They were wanting to use the skills and experience that had as a person. A very valuable lesson indeed.

It’s the same when working with health or any other area of our lives, we need to talk with those who have achieved that goal we are working towards. Whether it’s a healthy lifestyle, a better family life, a new job, a model train layout, even the rescuing of a person at sea. When we talk to the wrong person it turns out to be a mess.

Thanks so much to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Your ongoing support encouragement and guidance. Thank You to my own mentor Ken Klemm for Your own support, encouragement and love. To the most loving wife could ask for thank You for being the most amazing woman and loving wife could ask for Jenny.

Your friend for life,

With love and appreciation,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW working towards living on the Gold Coast of Qld by May 2021.