Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bill Perkins Sheridan, Wy, USA

Posted: 2016-08-15

The Master Mind

When we are very young we explore our Infinite Intelligence. we are experimenting, discovering, exploring new 
and unusual things. If we have siblings we are using our Master Mind siblings to develope ideas and thoughts. 
I can remember some of the times when I was young, when we would have an idea and then exlore and experiment until
we got the idea to work. 

When we went to school, it seems like that Infinite Intellignece was replaced with Accumulated Expericence.
We were taught what to think not how to think. Our Infinite Intelligence was pushed back into our minds and 
when we did explore it was by a step process which we were told how to by our teachers.

As we went out into the world and had to make decisions, and quickly found out our Accumulated Experience was not enough.
I quickly learned this when I got out of college. I had a young wife we moved back to the Ranch and for about a year things were fine.
Then my dad got sick and had to move to town, turning the Ranch over to me. I quickly found out I needed help.

In a period of time, I found 3 older gentlemen of varied backgounds who I could talk to on a regular basis. 
Then at differant times others would show up through one avenue or another whom I could "pick thier brains".

At the time I didn't realize I was developing my Master Mind group. I did realize when I would come away from discussions with 
one or more of these individuals, I had more energy and new ideas and thoughts came easier. At the time I didn't know why, my idea was to 
raise better and higher yeilding crops more efficently. Or perhaps saving a cow or calf from some disease. I new if I did those things 
then accumulated wealth would happen. 

I look back over the years and the many differant businesses and etc I have been involved with. Whenever problems arose,  
what ended up causing the most difficulty and the lack of a sound decision, was usually the lack of that Master Mind Group 
which gave you the energy to come up with solutions.

Mentoring For Free enables a person to be with a Master Mind Group which the person can build on and help carry him forward into any endevor he may want to do. 

A closing thought Mr Hill reminds us "Happiness is found in doing, mot merely possessing." Which brings us back to Mentoring For Free!!

Bill Perkins
Sheridan, Wy 
PS, I thank the MFF Group for driving the T&GR lessons into me