Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-08-14

The Ninth Step Toward Riches:   Power of the Master Mind     

A definite plan, plus a burning desire for wealth are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth. There are many priorities in life, and your right to be wealthy should be one of the highest on your list. Don`t aim too low out of fear that you do not deserve the best. You deserve the very finest that you are willing to accept. Poverty is a sickness. The cure is wealth.You may be the most talented person on earth, but until you have met with a great partner or "Master- Mind" group, you may never truly unleash that talent inside of you. Great power can be accumulated through no other principle, according to Dr. Hill. Rather than spending your energy trying to do everything, you and your "Master- Mind" group, in a spirit of harmony, can focus energy and power on what each does best.

I know that as I meet people who think bigger, act bigger and are bigger-much bigger than myself- I can grow bigger! I will learn something from my "Master-Mind" and each and every great personality with whom i come into contact, leaving me on the higher plane than the one on which i was standing before and leaving me on the thought  "What can i give." Our minds begin to grow as we share it. You give your "Master-Mind" a big idea. They give a big idea to you. You all have at least two idea`s. Sharing increases.

Mahatma Gandhi never asked men for more than they can give, but he asked for all they can give.

"All for one and one for all." Life`s Musketeers work together for one common end. 

"A few men build cities- the rest live in them." "A few men project subways- the rest ride in them.""A few men erect skyscrapers and factories- and the rest toil in them."

Lets gear up our minds to capacity and share our strengths with others. Instead of diminishing by sharing, we will grow increasingly strong.

Thank You Michael for stimulating me and quench my thirst by sharing all you have to give in this "Master-Mind" group . I know of no other person in my life who could lead me on the steep road to real achievment.